Raise funds and offer free golf for the Houston Golf Community and all those effected by Hurricane Harvey

Support Those Effected by Hurricane Harvey

More details and specifics of our fundraising even is coming soon!


Adaptive Military Veteran Golf Program

Golf is the most popular activity for recovering American soldiers at the veterans hospital here in Houston. In 2016, we were approached by PGA Hope to offer an 8 week golf program complimentary to veterans of America. We would like to continue that program to offer a year round golf program for the war hero’s and amputees.

SAF golf alum annika clark

College Scholarships, Junior Golf Mentorship

The goal at SAF is to educate and mentor families of junior golfers. Due to NCAA scholarship restrictions and lack of information (or bad information) available, most junior golfers do not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing college golf. Funds raised go towards our annual college scholarship fund and educational programs to help our local youth attend college and play golf.

To Support the Student Athlete Foundation, make checks out to:
The Student Athlete Foundation, 12000 Almeda Rd. Houston, TX 77045