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Recruiting eBook

The college recruiting process can be quite intimidating for most high school athletes and their parents. There are many reasons why certain players get recruited to play college athletics, while others do not. Every year, hundreds of high school athletes fall through the cracks of college recruiting simply because they do not fully understand the college recruiting process.

In addition, most high school counselors do not possess the knowledge or experience in intercollegiate athletics to properly advise student-athletes on how to achieve their dream of receiving an athletic scholarship to play at the college level. At GPG we have come across only a limited number of high schools that have an appropriate program to successfully prepare student-athletes for the college recruiting process.

Our research has shown that:

80% of college student-athletes attend schools outside of the NCAA Division I. This means that there are over 1,600 schools that offer athletic scholarships!
The average college team’s recruiting budget is $500. With such limited funds available, it is impossible for coaches to see all potential high school athletes that could be recruited for their programs. That is why a proactive approach is required to be seen by college coaches.
For these reasons GPG originally developed this manual, which contains an easy 10-step process to make it as simple as possible for you to obtain the college scholarship of your dreams and to GET RECRUITED NOW!

Step 1: Prioritize What Is Important To You In Selecting A College Or University.

Below are listed seven factors that we believe are the most important aspects that to be considered in researching and selecting colleges.

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SAF Junior Golf Events

college golf scholarships houston

For those of you new to SAF, here is a brief breakdown of what we have done lately to help improve junior golf in our communities SAF has partnered with junior golf organizations to offer exposure opportunities that are cost effective. Most junior golfers do not receive the proper exposure to get recruited for college…

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Oklahoma Junior Golf Sponsorships

saf oklahoma golf scholarships

The Student Athlete Foundation has set new and exciting goals for the 2016 year! One of the main initiatives is to expand our reach to support junior golf in the state of Oklahoma. Mark Berkowick is donating his time to help raise funds to financial assist junior golfers that are going to be playing college…

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Internationals Recruits & JUCO Transfers NCAA v NAIA

The American educational system can be difficult to figure out for many international prospective athletes. What is the best option for international recruits?
What is best for you, NCAA or NAIA?
Transfers fight an up hill battle at times finding a 4 year college institution. Learn the best practices to find your best school when TRANSFERING from a JUCO or 4 Year school!

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Recruiting Calendars, Tools for Success, Qualify

College golf recruiting calendar changes year to year. When should you contact college coaches?

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Recruiting Information for Transfer Students

Information for Transferring Schools There are special considerations if you are considering transferring from one school to another. Under NCAA regulations, you will be considered a transfer if you: Ever enrolled full-time in a two or four year school Ever participated in an athletic practice or played in a game, even if enrolled part-time Types…

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Golf Recruiting Terms, Rules & Academic Eligibility

Important Recruiting Terms

The following are important terms that both parents and students need to know while going through the college recruiting process. Using some of these terms during conversations with college coaches will show that you did your homework and are knowledgeable about the process.
Also Included, NCAA Division 1 Eligibility v NCAA Division 2

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College Golf Recruiting Quiz

How well do you know college golf recruiting?


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Step 10 to a College Golf Scholarship

Step 10 – Tournament scheduling

FINAL TIP: Maintain Ongoing Follow-up

Now that you have done all the legwork to be recruited…

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