Finding the Right College

Finding the Right College Means Finding the Right Fit

Choosing where to go to college is one of the most important decisions of your life.  Hopefully you have an idea of where you want to be the next four years and where you are a good fit, not just athletically, but academically and socially.  At this point in the semester you are probably waiting to hear back from admissions at the schools you applied to, but it never hurts to continue researching your options in case you need a backup plan.

First, remember that the admissions process can take a long time.  So do not panic if you are still waiting for an answer.  It is not the end of the world if you do not get accepted at your top school.  There are many great universities out there that will provide a quality education and a chance at earning a scholarship.

Go outside your comfort zone if you have to and expand your search.  It may be a scary thought to imagine going to school a thousand miles from home but it could also be a great experience.  Limiting your search area will limit your chances of finding the school that fits you best.

Keep studying and working on your grades.  If you can still retake tests to try for higher scores, you should take advantage of those opportunities.  Check the deadlines for submitting applications and taking or retaking the SAT.  If you really want to get ahead, start looking at potential majors or classes you want to take in the fall.

Go above and beyond with extracurricular activities.  Admissions staff are impressed with individuals who are able to maintain good grades but are also involved in other activities such as student government, volunteerism, community service, and of course athletics.

Most of all stay positive and enjoy your graduation and summer activities.  Relax knowing that your hard work as a student and a teammate over the past few years is going to pay off.  These are exciting times in your life.  Graduation is referred to as commencement because it is not an ending, but the beginning of the next chapter.