Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101 – Respect The Game!

One of the more unique aspects about the game of golf is the importance of etiquette. Golf is a distinguished game, and players should treat it that way by learning its intricacies. Junior golfers can learn at an early age so that it becomes habit before playing in college or on the tour. For the casual player, such as myself, knowing golf etiquette shows a respect for the game when you play among more talented players. In other words, if you whiff on a drive but resist the urge to scream and throw your driver in a lake, no one will laugh at you and will appreciate that you didn’t lose your temper.

There are hundreds of examples of good golf etiquette that you can learn through reading or just by watching and listening to your golf coaches and teammates. Here is a top ten list to get started on mastering your sportsmanship, in no particular order:

1. Arrive early and prepared for your tee time.
2. Be aware of your pace and avoid slow play.
3. Manage your temper and keep your cool after bad shots.
4. Fix or repair your divots, ball marks, and bunker footprints
5. Never hit when a player in front of you is within range.
6. Do not step on a fellow players putting line.
7. Stay quiet while other players are hitting.
8. Know when it is your turn to hit.
9. Wear proper golf course attire.
10. Pay attention to the rules.

This may be kid stuff for most golfers but you can still set an example for junior golfers who are just getting started by teaching them these basic points of etiquette.