Maximizing Your Exposure to College Coaches

College Exposure for Golfers – Some Ways to Get Noticed

One of the best ways to obtain an athletic scholarship is to get noticed. This can be a challenge when one considers the vast number of junior golfers pursuing this exact goal. There are ways to stand out though, and ways to maximize your exposure to college coaches. Promoting yourself is something you can do on your own, and a great way to get noticed.

First and foremost, practice your game. Make sure you are building your work ethic each day and improving your game both mentally and physically.A great way to practice is to compete as much as you can. You can compete on the junior tour and in invitational tournaments with the goal of earning a ranking and building your golf resume. College coaches view these rankings during the recruiting process.

While you keep track of your tournament finishes and rankings, record a recruiting video to send out to college coaches. Coaches receive a lot of contacts and requests from recruits so make sure you are sending your information to colleges that you have a strong interest in attending and that you feel are a good athletic, academic, and social fit. Once you are comfortable with your top college choices, you can really begin to focus on capturing the attention of those coaches. Schedule campus visits and keep in touch with the coaches who have made contact.

Last but not least, sell yourself. In addition to marketing your skills on the course, highlight other attributes about yourself such as confidence or ability to focus under pressure. If those aren’t your best traits then highlight something else about your character. Maybe it’s your leadership skills or work ethic that set you apart from others. Identify your strengths and use them to sell yourself as a top recruit!