Spring Mid-Semester Reminders

Spring Mid-Semester – Some Essential Reminders

The holidays have long passed and it’s already almost time for midterms. It probably feels like you just had a final. I know the feeling. It has been years since I had a midterm or final exam to worry about, but sometimes it feels like it was last week. My life revolves around the academic calendar, and if you are a student-athlete, you know all too well how difficult it is to balance the academic calendar with athletics. Everything gets busy right before the winter break then all of sudden, the semester is over. It is easy to become lazy over the break and also difficult to stay on a proper workout schedule, especially if you are away from your team or coaches. Returning to school and finishing the year with a strong spring semester might require you to refocus mentally and physically.

Spring semester is the perfect time to build positive momentum for the upcoming year, and of course, follow through on your new year’s resolutions and goals. Consider where you want to be this summer or at this time next year and figure out how to make progress towards that goal each week or even each day. If you are a senior in high school, fill out your FAFSA on time, register and take the SAT, and contact coaches and schools you are interested in attending. These tasks, among many others, will be part of your recruiting process anyway so you might as well make them a priority. If you are a freshman in college, be proactive and check your GPA and progress towards degree with your advisor. If you haven’t already chosen a major, take the steps to zero in on what you want to study.

You will start to see how important time management is for a student-athlete. Arriving early allows you to rest and prepare mentally before class, practice, or competition. If there is absolutely no way you can arrive early, set aside some time at another point in your day to get organized, gather your thoughts, or maybe just meditate. That way even when you are rushed, you will always be ready.

Remember to give yourself some credit for making it to the spring semester. Some students do not return to school after their first semester, which could be due to a number of reasons, but poor academics or misconduct issues are often the case for non-retention. So there is reason to be positive and optimistic for the spring semester, even if it is still brutally cold outside. You made it through your first semester of college!